Skillsforge celebrates Export Champion Status

SkillsForge is delighted to be recognised as a Department of International Trade (DIT) Export Champion successfully delivering its software-as-a-solution internationally.

This newly acquired status sees SkillsForge join a nationwide network of ambassadors aiming to support and encourage other UK-based businesses to sell their products and services overseas.

Export Champions are UK companies that already successfully sell overseas: SkillsForge operates internationally with existing offices in Australia and India, and plans to expand to many other parts of the world.

Gary Fawcett, SkillsForge’s CEO, said: “This is a huge achievement for us. We are a small team who work extremely hard delivering the best possible software-as-a-solution to universities and higher education institutions across the world. Becoming an Export Champion is testament to our team’s ingenuity, domain knowledge and quality of work. We couldn’t be any prouder to contribute to the DIT’s programme to inspire more UK companies to expand and export abroad.”

SkillsForge’s Mission is “to be the number 1 global solution for people-centred research management processes by 2026”. Its system improves the student experience and drives massive efficiency gains, ensuring that students, staff and institutions have the tools they need to plan, do, monitor and achieve their full potential.

According to the DIT, ‘the UK Government Export Strategy reflects aspiration to be a major trading nation, prosperous through trade and investment and influential as a proponent of free trade, open markets, and the rule-based international system.’

Gary said: “As we go forward, we’ll be sharing our success stories, hurdles, and general international trade news, so keep an eye out.’

Let’s get exporting #NPHExportChamps

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