Everyone is a winner: Enabling change and impact through a digital HDR candidature management system

A quote about SkillsForge at the up and coming ARMS conference in Hobart in Australia:

Flinders University, like many other universities, has recently gone through a major restructure. The restructure has created a central HDR management process, from admission, progression and examination, to skills development and partnership being centrally administered by the Office of Graduate Research. To manage this change and ensure the lifecycle of the student is followed, Flinders has recently signed up with SkillsForge. In combination with a number of strategic decisions, such as bringing together experts from the Colleges and updating HDR policy to reflect best practice, this online candidature management tool is enabling us to change the HDR culture. This is being seen through a more streamlined administration process, a responsive and individualised skills training program, a friendly and easy to use interface for both students and supervisors and transparency and clarity in workflows. By enabling a more efficient and productive administration process, we are able to focus our efforts on producing more highly skilled, career ready HDR graduates.

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